Nintendo Switch. The Ultimate Long Distance Console. 5 reasons why!

3 weeks ago my fiancé surprised me with a Nintendo Switch, now for a geek like myself this was the ultimate present. It wasn’t just the present itself though it was the thought, the fact no one has ever done anything like that for me before. I WAS ECSTATIC.

Todays post I will be talking about why this nifty console is ideal for the long distance relationship!


1. ITS JUST SO DAMN PORTABLE!corey-motta-504077-unsplash

As you know being in a long distance relationship there can be a lot of travelling involved. Myself every 2 weeks to a month I can be taking a 6 hour journey on the train to see my other half. Sometimes your phone is not just enough to make that time go a little quicker, you just want to get there and see your boo!

However the switch is a console you can easily carry in a satchel or a back pack with ease, not only that these bad boys have a 6 hour battery life on average, not bad hey?

Most modes of transport these days include wifi and charge points these days so finding a place to store battery or get some cheeky wifi is fairly easy. There is a lot of accessories out there too which make your trip with these a little easier too! (I would recommend a case).



So you reach your loved one after that long bloody journey, they are there waiting for you on that train platform, you can here frank sinatra singing in your head life is perfect, you are back home!

After a couple of days of being together maybe you fancy a slower pace to the evening and just want some innocent fun. BAM crack out the switch this bad boy will feed ego’s and break hearts! If your partner is a sore loser (Totally not referring to you Shiv haha ).

The way this works is each control on either side of the console in handset mode clips off into 2 controllers, perfect for 2 player games and they are super responsive. There is a multi-tude of 2 player games out there for you both to try also there is a game called ARMS which is an extremely fun and casual fighting game.


switcYou can’t be with each other in real life, its pain all of us experience in long distance relationships but its how things are and we work around it right?

Well why not meet up virtually in a game together, explore a virtual world. Hunt monsters together, shoot competitors on fortnight and have fun!

Of course this would mean both of you having a switch but if you are both avid gamers its the perfect set up and something for you both to talk about. Not only that but some of the online games enable voice chat also, so you can communicate and not get angry when one of you gets the other killed!



Okay I apologise this isnt part isnt really relevant but if you are a bit of Pokémon geek like myself this is the ultimate console, you have games like PokémonQuest (free) and PokkénTournament. Also Pokémon lets go Pikachu and Lets go Eevee is coming out, DROPS THE MIC.



The GIF displayed on your screen was an accurate representation of how I was feeling when I learn’t my Queen of a woman was getting a me a switch. If your partner is a gamer and they don’t have one of these yet and you think the points above all make good sense. Then consider it as a gift idea, YOU WILL GET LAID THAT NIGHT.


Special mention to my beautiful fiancé Siobhan, thank you so much for getting me one (still not over it), you give me happiness everyday and you are truly amazing, this blog is dedicated to you. ❤

Feeling like you are inadequate

You get that anxious feeling, maybe you feel like you aren’t good enough for your partner, you see them as this amazing being, maybe something even beyond human. From how good they treat you, to how amazing they look. It’s easy to reflect that back on yourself and ever wonder how you could ever live up to such standards.


These feelings and thoughts you maybe getting are utter bullshit. That person you are with see so many beautiful things within you, that you will never find in yourself.

They will be thinking the exact same as you, remember that special someone is with you for a reason beyond your understanding. They will find happiness in you that you will never find in yourself.



When they are the one…

Knowing he or she is the one.

I know she is the one, I wake up everyday she is my first thought, when I sleep at night she is my last. When I think about my future, she is there, when I think about my past she is there. This woman is my universe, my space and my time, she is the pendulum that swings my life, the physics to my being.

For anyone reading this maybe you’ve met someone recently, known a certain person for a long time or even are thinking about taking your relationship more seriously. Ask yourself this one question…

Can you imagine a world without that person?

If the anwser is no then they are the one. Despite what most modern society will tell you when they state romance is dead, divource is inevitable blah blah. They just havent found the right person yet.

Myself I am extremely luckily, there are 3.5bn women in this world and I just happened to find the perfect lady for me. Infact so lucky I met her when I was just a boy at 16, for me thats the real magic in life. It isnt owning the latest cars, phones, clothes or having infinite money. Its finding the one you truly love, having someone you can share your life with.

In the end life isnt meant to be experienced alone, humanity is about the connections we have with people and the beauty of exploring the world together.



How we met, Chapter 1

Written By Siobhan McNamara, I love you.

We met 1st August 2010,

I wore a grey cardigan, flowery converse high tops and a stripy top. I also had purple hair.

He wore a green jacket, slick Justin Bieber hair and high tops.

I walked into that pub that evening and I never knew that my fate of seeing him was seconds away. As I walked in, there he was in front of me, the first person I noticed, it felt like he was the only person in the room. As i locked eyes on him, his eyes turned to me and we looked at each other in awe.

I could not believe that this gorgeous guy was in Mickeys – of all places, you would never see that, ( you were the most amazing girl I have ever laid eyes on bubs, this is from Bradley to Siobhan by the way haha.)

For the next couple of hours I could not stop staring, I was intrigued. We couldnt stop staring no matter who was in the way we would overlook them.

I was so nervous as eventually he approached me and said in his sexy English accent “are you not going to say hi” to which I was stunned and couldnt believe he was speaking to me.

We went around the back and talked. We spoke about our age and how long he was on holiday, I had 4 days to make the most of him, for I was going to England. I asked him for a hug to which I asked him again. I loved his hug, it was like no other.

His eyes were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, they glisten, its as if i’m looking into his soul through his brown eyes. He loves with his eyes, its contagious, I cannot get enough. He makes me want to be a better person he makes me feel alive, complete, my heart is completley in love with every inch of his being. I cannot love another the way I am in love with him.

To my sweet Siobhan, I hope you enjoy this website as much as I have enjoyed making it. A special place for us to come together when we are apart, to spill our feelings. I am forever in love with you my dear.