Feeling like you are inadequate

You get that anxious feeling, maybe you feel like you aren’t good enough for your partner, you see them as this amazing being, maybe something even beyond human. From how good they treat you, to how amazing they look. It’s easy to reflect that back on yourself and ever wonder how you could ever live up to such standards.


These feelings and thoughts you maybe getting are utter bullshit. That person you are with see so many beautiful things within you, that you will never find in yourself.

They will be thinking the exact same as you, remember that special someone is with you for a reason beyond your understanding. They will find happiness in you that you will never find in yourself.



When they are the one…

Knowing he or she is the one.

I know she is the one, I wake up everyday she is my first thought, when I sleep at night she is my last. When I think about my future, she is there, when I think about my past she is there. This woman is my universe, my space and my time, she is the pendulum that swings my life, the physics to my being.

For anyone reading this maybe you’ve met someone recently, known a certain person for a long time or even are thinking about taking your relationship more seriously. Ask yourself this one question…

Can you imagine a world without that person?

If the anwser is no then they are the one. Despite what most modern society will tell you when they state romance is dead, divource is inevitable blah blah. They just havent found the right person yet.

Myself I am extremely luckily, there are 3.5bn women in this world and I just happened to find the perfect lady for me. Infact so lucky I met her when I was just a boy at 16, for me thats the real magic in life. It isnt owning the latest cars, phones, clothes or having infinite money. Its finding the one you truly love, having someone you can share your life with.

In the end life isnt meant to be experienced alone, humanity is about the connections we have with people and the beauty of exploring the world together.